New Use Policy Instagram 2013 Impaired Users

The online community that two years ago celebrated the emergence of the photo application Instagram was furious on Tuesday by a change in the terms of use that allows the sale of billions of photographs without credit to the authors.

The change was decided by Facebook, which in September Instagram acquired for $ 1 billion and almost 5 billion photos stored by millions of people worldwide, and allow the use of pictures and other data from users for advertising be added to Instagram.
The computer magazine “Wired” immediately published a “guide for the user” with steps leading out of Instagram photos, the magazine “The Atlantic” published an article explaining why it is better to pay for an “application” instead of use free services like Instagram.

The social networking expert Chris Taylor, who publishes article in the online magazine “Mashable”, said that under the new rules “Instagram basically put his life up for sale.”

“The new rules, which come into force on January 16, are bad news for the 100 million users who want little or no connection with Facebook,” added Taylor.

The rule is clear that caused a furor. “You (the user) is in agreement with a company or other business entity pay us by sending your user name, image, photos (with any related data) (…) without compensation to you.”

sso means, in describing Taylor, a user could stumble, suddenly, with an advertisement in which the images are of the actual user, your partner (a) or “when his daughter lost a tooth last month.”

Eileen Brown, who writes about social networking site “ZDNet” saw no reason why the offense for Instagram, which provided a free exchange of photographs for millions of people, now wants to profit from the images that gave him free.

“But if it gives chills the idea of ​​a company to make money from the free service that offered to send your photos, videos and other data, there are some steps you can take,” advised Eileen.

“Use a service like Softonic Instaport or to upload your photos to your computer – continued. Either delete your Instagram account before January 16. Should quit And furthermore their accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook, as both have Similar paragraphs in its terms and conditions. “

Emma Woollacott described in TG Daily the new standards for the use Instagram as “an astonishing demonstration of chutzpah: the company now has the right to use the name and pictures of their users for anything that occurs to you, including the sale third-party ad serving. “

The blogger Barry Ritzhold reminded this morning that for many years criticized Facebook “beginning with his absurd review, and then by his abuse of sensitive data of its users, its frequent changes of terms and general contempt with which it treats its users.”

“Although I was a fanatic for Instagram, so that Facebook bought the brand ceased to use the application. Now read the new rules and service are nothing short of madness,” he criticized.

The journalist Cord Jefferson, in a commentary for “The Gawk”, was more succinct: “The absurd rules of the new Instagram is a suicide.”

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