2014 Best 50 Designs of Nail Art

Nails are a prop natural that adorn the hands and feet of both men and women, who are they further enhance the elegance and beauty of a person in any environment when handled well, properly sanded and painted.

With the modernization of nail painting and the use of different types of nail polishes many manicures and pedicures managed over time to create models decorated nails. Every year many models are created with pictures of decorated nails to paint and beautify nails women too vain.

And in this article we show you some nice pictures of decorated nails 2014 to inspire and make you success with your nails adorned with these paintings stylish and increasingly popular among women from all over Brazil. The best Nail Arts 2014. 


Unhas Nail Arts 2014
Now prepare the best design nails decorated 2014 to examine you and leave your thoughts, or who do not like please leave your comments on the photos of the models and drawings.

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